SAI Gulf, LLC, was founded in 1995 when the synergies of Sampling Associates International and Sabine Surveyors came together to form a partnership that would provide the needed quality services for the dry bulk commodity industry. In 2006, this partnership brought aboard A.J. Edmond Company and its Texas City operation to enhance the quality of services and geographical coverage for the client base.

SAI Gulf, LLC, currently has operations in Mobile, LaPlace, Davant, Convent, Myrtle Grove, Port Arthur and LaMarque which provide services to the U.S. Gulf Coast region. These operations are supported with two (2) laboratories located one (1) each in LaPlace, Louisiana and LaMarque, Texas(Relocated from Texas City).

SAI Gulf, LLC, through its vast network of partnerships, provide clients with services worldwide relating to mechanical sampling, analytical testing, cargo inspections and cargo surveys of bulk commodities.

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McDuffie Terminal
Mobile, Alabama
Sampler: (251) 272-2623
Surveyor: (251) 272-2621
Louisiana Lab
LaPlace, Louisiana
Phone: (985) 652-6993
Fax: (985) 652-6898
Texas Lab
La Marque, Texas
Phone: (409) 948-4504
Fax: (409) 948-4046
United Bulk Terminal
Davant, Louisiana
Phone: (504) 682-6672
Fax: (504) 682-6673

Convent Marine Terminal
Convent, Louisiana
Phone: (985) 652-6993
Fax: (985) 652-6898
Impala Terminals Burnside
Darrow, Louisiana
Phone: (504) 310-5023
Fax: (504) 656-7313
International Marine Terminal
Myrtle Grove, Louisiana
Phone: (504) 310-5023
Fax: (504) 656-7313
Deepwater Terminal
LaMarque, Texas
Phone: (409) 948-4504
Fax: (409) 948-4046

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